How Long Will It Take to Get My Personal Injury Settlement?

A question we get every day from victims of personal injuries is how fast they will get compensation if they file a claim. Well, that depends. The timeline for a personal injury settlement is affected by many things.

The severity of your injuries, ranging from mild sprains or cuts to catastrophic spinal cord damage or brain trauma, all impact how long you may need medical treatment, which in turn influences court proceedings. Complicated matters involving multiple parties or insurance company disputes could also drag litigation out for years instead of months.

Under normal circumstances, though, people suffering from accidents should expect settlements in the average time of about six to twenty-four months.

The Time It Takes to Settle Cases

The duration of settling a personal injury case depends on different things:

  •       Medical Treatment– One significant factor is the extent of medical treatment needed. It’s essential to note that severe injuries may require several months or years to recover fully, which can delay the settlement process. This delay occurs because the insurance company needs to evaluate how well you are healing before they offer a comprehensive payment package.
  •       Evidence & Proving Liability – Securing compensation for your injuries often requires proof that the responsible party for your accident is actually liable. This involves collecting evidence such as police reports, medical records, and witness statements to build your case. The more complex cases involving multiple witnesses or accidents occurring in high-traffic areas may require longer periods of time to obtain sufficient evidence.

How Long Do Georgia Injury Cases Take to Settle?

The timeframe for settling a personal injury case in Georgia typically takes around 12 months, although the duration may vary depending on many factors. Most cases get resolved without going to trial through an agreement between the parties involved. However, if negotiations fail, litigation becomes necessary.

Georgia Settlements & Lawsuits

  •       The Need for a Quick Settlement – After experiencing an injury caused by another individual’s actions or negligence, you likely need a prompt resolution to get your life back on track and cover bills piling up because you can’t work. In some instances where your injuries aren’t severe, and liability isn’t complicated in any way, like car accidents caused by defective brakes etc., it’s possible to come to an agreeable settlement quickly – within mere months of filing suit. It’s worth remembering that resolving these disputes out-of-court saves time and money while ensuring you recover.
  •       It Will Most Likely Be Settled Out of Court – Regarding personal injury litigation in Atlanta, settlement options are preferred over going through with trials. It saves all parties involved time, money, and stress.  Nonetheless, some claims fall short of settlements due to tough negotiation from one or more parties forcing them into court, where testimony is given under oath in front of juries or judges rather than between lawyers alone.
  •       What Happens at Personal Injury Trials – These hearings aim at finding out what went wrong during the incident that caused harm plus evaluating damages incurred. Your lawyer will present a strong case from the facts gathered and argue your case. The judge or jury will decide if those facts are true and return with a settlement figure if you win. The settlement time varies from case to case.

Atlanta Personal Injury Cases – How They’re Resolved

Cases are settled out of court most of the time. However, if the party you’re making a claim against disputes it, you could end up in court convincing a judge or jury that you’re entitled to compensation. Then the matter is for the judge or jury to resolve.

The average personal injury settlements in Georgia are around $200k. While this statistic provides some context for how much compensation you might receive, every case is unique and requires skilled attention from an attorney familiar with Georgia laws and regulations.

Talk to a Dozier Law Attorney About Your Case

Have you experienced a traumatic accident resulting in significant physical or emotional harm? If so, delving into the legal system alone might seem intimidating – especially since the legwork to file and negotiate claims are complicated.

Hiring a lawyer with experience in personal injury cases both in and out of the courtroom is your best chance to get the financial settlement you need to get past the injury. Whether you had a slip and fall, a car accident, were attacked, or had another type of accident, it wreaks havoc on your daily routine. You lose work and sometimes even your livelihood. You are in pain and constantly running to doctor’s appointments. You might even be experiencing family strife.

At Dozier Law, we’ve seen those issues before and we understand how devastating it feels, especially when the injury was not your fault. Our dedicated team will show you compassion, have patience, and work hard to make things right. We will build a solid case and negotiate for the maximum amount you deserve. If we are denied, you will have the option to go to court and present your case there. Either way, we’ll be with you and explain the process as it moves forward.

If you’re not sure about making a personal injury claim, we’ll just say this: if you don’t and enough time passes, you won’t be able to. The statute of limitations will run out, and you may regret not trying for a settlement when you had the chance.

If you have questions about the personal injury claims process or how long it takes to receive compensation, contact us to schedule a free consultation. We’ll give you an honest assessment of your case so you can make a decision based on good information and not hearsay.

Don’t suffer through the pain and trauma of a personal injury without knowing your options. Personal injury may have thrown you off course, but we can help get you back on track. It’s what we do, and we’re waiting to hear from you.

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