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Negligence Security

It is the responsibility of any business to take proper measures to prevent injury and/or property damage on their premises. If they fail in this duty, they can be liable for damages.

What Is Negligent Security?

Negligent security is a type of premises liability dealing with civil redress for crimes and violent acts when a property owner fails to provide adequate safety to keep visitors free from criminal activity such as robbery, rape, assault, or battery.

Suppose you are the victim of a crime on someone’s property. In that case, you may have a negligent security claim, and you may be entitled to compensation from the property owner, property management company, or security company. An injured person can bring a negligent security suit based on the duty imposed on landowners and possessors of property to offer reasonable security measures and protect lawful visitors from foreseeable crimes of third parties. Negligent security assumes that the crime could have been prevented or at least made less likely by using appropriate security measures.

Common examples of negligent security include:

  • Broken locks– When landlords in apartment buildings or owners of condominium buildings do not repair damaged locks, criminals can quickly enter units and harm anyone inside.
  • Poor lighting– Parking lots often have poor lighting. That can permit criminals to carry out assaults and other crimes. Poor lighting in hallways and common areas can allow criminals to commit crimes.
  • Broken security systems– Security systems are often the best security a building has. When security systems break down and are not repaired, criminals can enter a building and harm residents.
  • Inadequate training– Businesses and landlords sometimes hire security guards to monitor their property. When those guards are not adequately trained or stationed, crime can still occur.
  • Lack of background checks– Security guards should have spotless criminal histories, as should persons, including maintenance workers, who are allowed to enter a building. When property owners fail to check those records, a criminal may be permitted on the property.

These are just a few examples of negligent security. Speak to one of our experienced lawyers if you believe some type of negligent security caused you harm.

How to Prove Negligent Security

Proving liability for injuries sustained in a negligent security case can be challenging. You’d think that because the incident happened at a place of business, there would be lots of security cameras to show what happened. However, the likelihood of an insurance company paying you for damages in this situation is slim because they can easily fall back on blaming the victim for being careless in some way.

Negligent or inadequate security holds Georgia property owners responsible when they fail to take reasonable security measures to prevent violent crime. When a property owner is aware of the potential for crime or poor security on the property, that property owner can be held liable for negligent security.  Property owners or managers are required by Georgia law to keep their property safe. This doesn’t mean that they need to guarantee complete safety for everyone on their premises, but they do need to take enough precautions to minimize the risks of danger.

To prove a negligent security claim, you must establish that the property owner knew, or should have known, that a crime was likely to occur due to the negligent security. Under a theory called “constructive knowledge,” you may have to show that the property had been the location of similar crimes in the past.

A lack of proper security measures can be used as evidence in a negligent security case. You can show that the property owner did not use security guards, security cameras, proper locks, adequate parking, or adequate lighting.

Negligence Security Lawyer in Macon

One of the most common claims that people file is a negligent security claim. In general, a victim can file a claim against a business or property owner if they were injured because the owner failed to provide adequate protection.

If you have been injured in a business establishment, you should find the best lawyer to handle your case. Dozier Law has a proven track record for success with these cases. We handle an array of different cases for our clientele. From restaurant proprietors to big box stores, there’s no place too small or large that we cannot take on successfully.

Whatever happens varies from one case to the next, but attorneys Dozier Law strives to provide personal service, so don’t hesitate to reach out. Our team has successfully handled negligent security claims on behalf of victims for decades.

Negligence Security Lawyer in Atlanta

What happens in most negligent security claims is that an individual or business does not take proper measures or precautions to protect its customers, residents, members, guests, and employees from foreseeable criminal acts.

With Dozier Law working for you, we can finally give you some realistic expectations about what’s to come from these nasty events. If this has happened to you or a loved one, you need an experienced personal injury lawyer who will fight for your rights and compensation.

If you’ve been hurt in a negligent security accident in Atlanta, we can help you seek the compensation you deserve. We will guide you through obtaining damages for your injuries, both for your physical and mental trauma.

Negligence Security Lawyer in Savannah

As the holiday shopping season lights up, you might start to notice an uptick in retail-related incidents like shootings, robberies, and other violent crimes. As shocking as this may seem, there are businesses out there that attract crime. Some do not take the proper precautions to ensure their customers, tenants, or guests are safe while at their establishment.

Suppose there’s a foreseeable risk around you, and the establishment doesn’t take reasonable measures to eliminate or lessen it. In that case, they can be held legally liable for any losses you suffer as a result.

Unlike insurance companies who do not have your best interests in mind, Dozier Law in Savannah fights to get you the compensation, justice, and peace of mind that you deserve. Not only do we take care of every detail of your case, but this personal attention doesn’t end when your claim settles, or the trial ends.

Negligence Security Lawyer in Albany

A violent crime occurs in the United States every 22 seconds, and two-thirds of these crimes occur in commercial or business settings. These businesses can often turn into flashpoints for violence, and the owners and COOs of enterprises have a responsibility to know whether their tenants, guests, or customers are safe.

Being injured is a traumatic experience, and the victim is affected physically, emotionally, and financially. For the victims of personal injury, their lives, from work to relationships, can change drastically. Confirming a claim with a lawyer is the best way to get legal guidance and financial reimbursement for lost time at work or pain and suffering.

We know how difficult and emotional this time can be right after an accident, and this is why we take the time to talk with our clients and get to know their life story. Whether you’ve been injured in an accident or have a loved one who has died due to someone else’s negligence, the legal team at Dozier Law is here for you.

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