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When a healthcare professional acts in a way that causes injury or even wrongful death to a patient then that patient or their loved ones could potentially be entitled to receive compensation from the loss. Medical malpractice can also be when a medical provider does not follow procedure or performs an operation they should not have. The medical malpractice attorneys at Dozier Law in Macon, Georgia are highly qualified professionals that seek out proper compensation for these types of incidences. 

Our attorneys are experts in medical malpractice in Macon and throughout Georgia. With over 50 years of handling cases and winning, our personal injury attorneys have the skills and experience to get you the compensation that you justly deserve. Here at Dozier Law, we have the combination of exceptional attorney skills and a work ethic that has given us a high success rate in the courtroom and at the negotiation table.

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We place great value in the diagnoses and opinions of medical professionals and when these healthcare providers don’t diagnose a patient properly and it leads to serious injury or even wrongful death in some cases, they should be held accountable for those actions. 

There are many conditions that in the past have been proven fatal but now are treatable. Things such as strokes, heart attacks, and cancer can be prevented or treated. While doctors have access to the resources needed to diagnose these imminent dangers, the tools must be used efficiently or the chance to save a life may pass and there may not be another one. Call Dozier Law for more information on how we can help you and your loved ones with their medical malpractice case.

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I was injured in a terrible fall which left my foot, arm back and knee badly bruised. The Dozier Law Firm was awesome. Attorney Dustin Hamilton reviewed and accepted my case and within a few months he was able to settle my case for more than I ever imagine. The Dozier Law Firm is A+ in my book.

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